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Pennsylvania Right to Farm Act

Publication of the Center for Agricultural and Shale Law

About Publications

The following resources represent a collection of publications that address both the Pennsylvania Right to Farm Act and right to farm laws from other states. Where possible, the Center has provided viewable copies of these publications. Nevertheless, it may be necessary to access some of these materials through an online legal research database.

Law Review Articles

  • Right to Farm Statutes and the Changing State of Modern Agriculture, Ross H. Pifer, 46 Creighton L. Rev. 707, 707-720 (2013).
  • Fruit of the Vine: Understanding the Need to Establish Wineries' Rights Under the Right to Farm Law, Katherine Pohl, 116 Penn St. L. Rev. 223, 223-251 (2011).
  • Pennsylvania's Right-to-Farm Law: A Relief for Farmers or an Unconstitutional Taking?, Jennifer Beidel, 110 Penn St. L. Rev. 163, 163-185 (2005).
  • The Pennsylvania Farmer Receives No Real Protection from the Pennsylvania Right to Farm Act, Thomas McNulty, 10 Penn St. Envtl. L. Rev. 81, 81-104 (2001).