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Adjunct Faculty Services Guide

Current Awareness

  • The Law Library offers several ways for adjunct faculty members to remain up to date on current developments in their area of expertise.
    • E-mail alerts from vendors such as BNA, CCH, HeinOnline and others.
    • The Law Library also subscribes to the Social Science Electronic Publishing (SSRN) which is comprised of nine legal research networks.
    • Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP) is a current awareness tool utilized by the Law Library.
      • Indexes over 500 legal publications, organized by subject headings.
      • Available on HeinOnline.
      • Users can set up eTOC alerts in HeinOnline to receive emails when content is updated.

E-Journal Portal

  • Direct link to electronic journals.
  • Search for the journal by title in the E-Journal Portal.
  • If the journal is available through the libraries, a list of links to the databases where the journal can be accessed.
  • A link to the E-Journal portal can also be found on the Law Library Research Resources page.

Lexis and Westlaw Access

  • All adjunct faculty members will be assigned Lexis and Westlaw passwords.
    • Lexis and Westlaw passwords will be active for a set period of time before and after the semester in which the adjunct faculty is teaching.
  • The Law School cannot provide access to Lexis and Westlaw to those individuals who are not affiliated with the Law School.
  • Call (717-240-5267) or email the Law Library for more information.

Research Resources