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Technology in the Law Library

Public Workstations

There are public workstations scattered throughout the Law Library intended primarily to access the Library online catalog, research databases, and other short-term tasks.  These computers may be used for general computing (web browsing, checking email, etc.), but lengthy computer projects should generally be done using personally owned laptops, not the public workstations, whenever possible.

Printing and Copying

Paw Prints cloud based student printing system is located on the main floor of the library. Wepa is the system used for all student printing and allows users to upload to the cloud from any connected device. The Wepa user guide provides detailed instructions. Copying can also be done on this machine.

Lexis also provides a printer on the second floor of the Law Library.  Law students can send their Lexis print jobs to this printer for free.


The Scannx Book ScanCenter is located along the bank of computers on the main floor of the Law Library.  Users can send scanned files to  a USB drive. If you need a USB drive, you may get one from the Circulation Desk.