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Bar Examination Resources

This guide provides tools and resources that law students may use in preparing for the bar exam. It should supplement, but never be used to replace a formal bar exam preparatory course, or information provided by the Student Services Office.

Penn State's Dickinson Law Course

BPREP 900: Fundamental Skills for the Bar Examination

This course provides students with a substantive review of selected material routinely tested on the bar exam, primarily through problems and exercises in a bar exam format designed to familiarize students with the exam and techniques for answering multiple choice and essay questions. Individualized feedback is provided every week to assist each student identify areas of strength and weakness. The goal is to enhance student ability to prepare for the bar exam and is intended to supplement, not replace, commercial bar preparation courses. This course is not focused on any particular state, so all students will benefit regardless of where they are sitting for the bar exam.

The Bar Exam(ined)

Information session with Yolanda Ingram, Dean of Student Services.  For more information, contact Dean Ingram or the Student Services Office.

Commercial Bar Review Courses

Students are strongly encouraged to take a commercial bar review course in order to properly prepare for successful completion of the bar exam. The law school does not recommend any particular commercial bar review course and the links below are provided to students as a convenience only. Providing this information does not constitute an endorsement of any programs or products by the law school.