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Bar Examination Resources

This guide provides tools and resources that law students may use in preparing for the bar exam. It should supplement, but never be used to replace a formal bar exam preparatory course, or information provided by the Student Services Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dean's Certification form?

Most states require a certificate from your law school dean attesting to the fact that you have graduated from law school. These forms can be found online at the various state bar websites. You should download the form and turn it to the Office of the Registrar.

What do I do if an official transcript is required as part of the Bar Examination Application Process?

You will need to order an official transcript from the University Registrar. There is a fee, per transcript, which must be paid with a credit card when ordering online.

Can I get a loan to pay for bar exam expenses and living expenses during the bar study period?

Yes, see the Law School's information on student loans and bar loans.

What do I do if fingerprints are required as part of the Bar Examination Application Process?

If you are asked to provide fingerprints as a requirement for a bar examination, please check with your local police department for information regarding where fingerprints can be processed. The law school does not handle fingerprinting processing.